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Resources for Stewardship

Shown below is the Rev. Scott Schanzenbach leading one of the Plenary-Enrichment sessions at the 2008 Slovak Zion Synod Assembly. The session shown in the video covers on Stewardship in a great deal of detail and clarity.

Rev. Schanzenbach served as an Assistant to the Bishop in New Jersey Synod, as well as in the capacity of ELCA Stewardship Specialist. His time with us helped to strengthen our understanding of Stewardship, and spurred renewal towards teaching it in congregations.

Stewardship is about strengthening your own relationship with Jesus, through the gifts that God has entrusted into your care…

Rev. Scott Schanzenbach

Stewardship Specialist, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Synod Resources:


Generous Gestures

Generous Gestures is the powerpoint presentation used by Rev. Schanzenbach during his enrichment session at our 2008 assembly. The material comprising this presentation covers Stewardship education from its roots in this church’s mission, to relationship with Jesus, to consumer oriented culture, to staying true to your tithe in times of economic challenge, and brings it all back to scripture, including several short bible studies. This resource is comprised of +50 slides and accompanying notes and scripts. It is freely available to download for educational use here.

ELCA Resources:

829Teaching Resources

Here you can find ELCA resources for teaching Biblical Stewardship within your congregation, christian education, or community ministry. You can choose from a wide array of devotional books, leaflets, PDFs, posters, and more that are communicated in many languages and different constructs. Click here to access these resources.


Make It Simple

Make It Simple (or MIS) is a congregational stewardship resource to assist you in stewardship education and annual response. MIS can provide you with ideas and inspiration in bringing Stewardship to your congregation as a regular practice of faith. MIS is a library of materials and responses that includes videos, sermons and bible studies, tithing education, materials for youth ministry, and much more. This ELCA resource can be found here, and additional tools for it’s implementation such as support documentation, artwork and more can be found here.

Pastor Holding BibleStewardship Now

Stewardship Now is a comprehensive library of monthly reflections and stories for your opening devotions, or bulletins and newsletters. This is a resource that is updated on a monthly basis, and has an archive of previously published content available as well. Stewardship Now is available by clicking here.

SOFIAStories of Faith in Action

SOFIA is a resource that is packed with dynamic stories of how God is changing lives through the mission and ministry of our Synod and other members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, through the financial generosity of our members. It also includes information on Mission Support and the Churchwide Ministries Budget. Magazine Issues, Bulletin inserts and more are available and can be found by clicking here.

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    ​43No good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit; 44for each tree is known by its own fruit. Figs are not gathered from thorns, nor are grapes picked from a bramble bush. 45The good person out of the good treasure of the heart produces good, and the evil person […]