Last maintenance performed on March 7, 4am-7am.

  • We are rebuilding from the cloud up. We are migrating our online systems to a new dedicated server. The new server will feature solid state storage and more RAM, dramatically decreasing loading times. The new server also features localized caching.
  • We will be expanding to ten more CDN servers, many in Europe and Asia, with more in North America. This will give superior site security and performance optimizations.

During these updates, ALL SITES AND SYSTEMS may experience improper page loading, or may not load at all. We do not expect any of our email systems or mobile applications to go offline, and our dedicated cloud storage server will always remain unaffected.

“All sites and systems” include, but may not be limited to: The main site (, the Event Registration System, the Web Apps Suite (, any Congregational Websites hosted through our systems, and any SFTP file sharing.

Times given are Eastern Standard Time (EST, GMT -5:00).