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websiteWhat’s Changed:

The steady modernization of technology services in recent years has been a revitalization of the way in which we attain and share information. We’ve moved away from desktop workstations, wired networks, and printers. We’ve moved towards the convenience of mobility, beauty through simplicity, and wireless convenience.

What’s New:

Our web services are flag-shipped by our main website, which has been completely re-written, from the cloud up. The redesign not only changes the way information is relayed, but also adds in sharing and accessibility, all while maintaining cross-browser compatibility on a myriad of devices. This means that not only will you love using our web services, but you can use them with ease—Just about anywhere!

Can my congregation get in on this?

Because the internet is now this generation’s hub for information, a presence on the web is extremely important. Websites aren’t just a branch of communications anymore, because they have become the main circuit. A great website is inviting, attractive, functional, and interactive. It makes a large impression on a casual browser who knows nothing about your church or your ministries. Furthermore, they are very high maintenance. It is very important to keep your web presence up to date, because it is a living and breathing extension of your ministry. Lastly, web hosting can be costly to your congregation. For our Synod, we already have that covered. Your benevolence has already funded the reservation of webspace for your congregation, and is available to Slovak Zion congregations for no additional cost, through our Communications Desk. We offer powerful tools (like WordPress) for the creation and maintenance of your website, and hope that it will become an integral part of your ministry and outreach, just as it does for the larger expressions of our church.

If you are interested in starting or relocating your congregation’s website, you can begin the process here:

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