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The Slovak Zion Synod App

Your synod’s official news and media app.

Current App Version:
Version 7.1 (Apple iOS) | Version 4.0 (Android)

This is the official companion app for, the premier communications front of the Slovak Zion Synod (SZS) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). With this app, you can browse posts and news releases from the Synod website, as well as view social media communications of the ELCA via Twitter and Facebook.

The purpose of this app is to further facilitate communication between the Slovak Zion Synod and its members and congregations. Members of SZS congregations will be able to read about events occurring in their church–from their mission and ministries abroad, to activities and faith stories of congregations within the Synod. Connectivity through mobile devices is one of the many ways our Synod is keeping up with technological aids to ministry and thinking outside the box for the sake of Christ’s mission.



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