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Our companions in the Slovak Lutheran Church in Romania celebrated a 200th anniversary, at which greetings were given on behalf of Bishop Kucharek and our Slovak Zion Synod. This event was observed on September 11, when the congregation in Nadlak celebrated the 200th anniversary of the dedication of their church building. The occasion was combined with the blessing of a new day-center for seniors. Situated in western Romania on the Hungarian border, Nadlak is the center of the Slovak Lutheran community in Romania.

Of the 7000 residents of Nadlak, approximately half are Slovaks and members of the Lutheran Church. The congregation was founded by migrants from the neighboring county town of Slovenský Komlóš (Currently Tótkomlós in modern-day Hungary). The service was conducted bilingually, in Slovak and Romanian, by local pastors, Ludovit Bobčok and Dušan Vanko, who serve as co-deans of the Slovak conference of the Romanian Church, and Bishop Adorjáni Dezsö Zoltán of the Romanian Evangelical Lutheran Church. A sermon was delivered by Bishop Ivan Elko of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia.

Bishop Kucharek, who was celebrating the 100th anniversary of our congregation Holy Trinity in East Pittsburgh, PA on that day, and the Slovak Zion Synod were represented by Pastor Thomas S. Drobena, who brought greetings on behalf of the bishop and the Slovak Zion Synod. The dedication of the new day-center for seniors was followed by the opening of an exhibit of handmade liturgical paraments and other artifacts, and a traditional banquet.

May God continue to guide and bless the ministry and mission of our companions in the Slovak Lutheran Church in Romania.