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TORRINGTON, CONN (SZS) Once again the Slovak Zion Synod has maintained its record of both meeting and surpassing its 65% participation goal for Portico Benefit Services plan member participation in the 2014 Health Assessment, having achieved 80% participation. Taking the Health Assessment results in $150 in wellness dollars for each eligible plan member. In addition, a financial incentive consisting of a 2% discount on health premiums for all congregations/employers in the Synod results if at least 65% of eligible plan members took the online Mayo Clinic Health Assessment by April 30, 2014. What does this mean for us? Since our entire Synod has earned the 2% discount, it reduces our health contributions for all of 2014 and frees up money, that would have been paid for health premiums, for other ministry use.

In early January, Portico calculated the number of eligible plan members and spouses receiving ELCA-Primary health coverage for each synod, seminary, and churchwide ministry. At the end of January, February, March, and April, the percentage of eligible plan members and spouses for each organization which had taken the health assessment was calculated. Early in the following month, results were posted on the Portico website’s “2% Health Contribution Discount” tab. Following April 30, the final results for the year were calculated and those synods, seminaries, and churchwide ministries receiving at least 65% participation received the 2% premium discount for the entire organization and for the entire year, retroactive to January 1. This year, 97% of synods, churchwide ministries, and seminaries earned the 2% discount for 2014, collectively saving $2.3 million.

It is clear that the Slovak Zion Synod has not only reached the 65% health assessment participation goal, it has once again surpassed this goal and become a leader in this endeavor. Such an achievement makes an enormous statement with regard to how the Slovak Zion Synod stewards wellness in our leaders. A very hearty “Thank You!” to all who participated and made this benefit a reality for everyone!