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TORRINGTON, CONN (SZS) The Slovak Zion Synod has a long history of participating in the mission of Christ not only locally, but globally as well. Each year, we accompany our global companion churches through our prayerful, financial, and in-kind support of a variety of ministries—including leadership support and development; congregational building and restoration projects; providing ministry resources; supporting social ministries for the elderly, the young, and others in need; reaching out to equip the disenfranchised; and training pastors, evangelists, and future leaders of the church. We are a church that proclaims the love of Christ in what we do—God’s work with our hands.

Batka MtgOne such example of our work around the globe is our very own Student Immersion Program. Each year, this program, organized by our International Relations Committee as part of our Synod’s mission in Central & Eastern Europe brings students from the Lutheran theological seminary (Evanjelická Bohoslovecká Fakulta) in Bratislava for a summer internship in a United States congregation. The effect that this program has had on its many participants (over 130 exchanges to date), as well as the ripple effect on the churches to which they return, is beyond measure. If your congregation wishes to host a student, you can learn more and apply online.

Another part of our ministry in Central & Eastern Europe is our support of the PhD Program at the seminary in Bratislava. This program supports the education of students in the PhD program by providing grants for students and related projects. Through our support of this program, we support the advancement of religious studies in Central and Eastern Europe and thereby ensure that there will be professors and educators to teach ministry and theology at this seminary for many future generations to come.

Other projects include: Slovo, a journal reflecting theological, linguistic, cultural, and historical articles and research pertaining to the Slavic world; and resource support that sponsors workshops, seminars, books, periodicals, and software for our companions in Central and Eastern Europe, which you can read more about, and support financially by giving a gift online through our website. You can also download a PDF version of our wish list, which includes each of the programs and ministries included in this article, as well as the details of many more, including church construction, restoration, resource publications, ministry to the Romani community, and other projects.