On Sunday, I was officially welcomed by the congregation at a sumptuous brunch. I have to admit, the ladies at the church are not only very neat, but great chefs as well. I got to meet almost everyone, but regarding my poor memory for names, it’ll take some time to know everyone’s name. I am very happy to be here, helping with the service, and meeting all the members.
I also moved from the pastor’s to my first family, the Hammonds. We are really having much fun together, like playing golf, tripping around the city, and so on. I had a chance to get a glance of the surroundings of the city, took a bike ride in the national park nearby, and saw the mesmerizing sunset over the lake Erie.
My weekly tasks remained the same. I love to spread the love and joy of our Lord around me, so I’m always trying to make the people I meet happy, no matter if it’s children at the summer camp, or people in senior centers we visit.
I’m preparing for my first sermon, which is in line this Sunday. My responsibilities also contain leading leading book studies each month. We are currently taking a book called “Lessons from a sheepdog”, where the author explains our relationship with God by an example of a shepherd dog.
In addition, we are working on our Vacation Bible school, which is going to take place at the end of the month. We’ve already done the posters, and are currently working on the crafts, games and devotions.
My second week was full of new acquaintances, memories, but in the first place, many blessings. I pray that God will use all my abilities to help His plan among these wonderful people in Cleveland.