Lutheran church in America has some differences compering to Slovak evangelical church. Now you can read some facts about Lutheran churches in America and Slovakia.

  1.  At first I was surprised, that everyone had to sign in. In America you have to register and take a X, to say either you will take communion or not. In Slovakia we don’t do this it would be too much work.
  2.  My pastor Matt Poock doesn’t sing during the worship liturgy, everything is said with words. In Slovakia pastors sing a lot, special liturgy and I know in Germany they use to sing too. Doesn’t matter because  my pastor Matt sings always one song for everyone with her wife Becca.
  3.  Communion in USA can be served not only by pastor, he can call some helpers, volunteers from church members. In Slovakia unthought-of, communion is only in hand of pastor.  USA communion is served in the small cups, in Slovakia in the big once, but I think that this trend come to us soon.
  4.  Volunteer read the bible text and prayers, almost same. In USA every time somebody read, in Slovakia it is up to pastor. By Easter or Christmas Eve, Slovak pastors have more volunteers, because these are big holidays.
  5. Casual clothes for pastor during the worship in the park? In Slovakia it would be faux pas (fó-pa). Church in Slovakia is conservative and not liberal as in America.
  6.  Children in the worship with adults, in America YES, in Slovakia NO. Slovak children have separately worship with volunteers -full of bible stories and games.
  7. Creed- at my first worship in Evansville park. I asked and realized, that Americans say:,,I believe in the holy Catholic church” – which means universal. In Slovakia it would be like catholic church-religion, so we just say catholic church.
  8.  Roll play in the church is in USA okey. Today I played Ruth, it was such a great time. I am foreigner like Ruth so my accent doesn’t bother anyone. Another thing, I like pictures presentation. For example in  Bratislava church we use picture presentation only one time per three months because the seniors don’t like it. In Evansville church they used to present pictures every Saturday and Sunday by worship. I hope that this trend come to Bratislava soon.
  9.  Eternal-neverending light in the church and candel assistants, these both things you can’t see in the Lutheran church in Slovakia. These customs are only in Catholic Church. Here in Evansville Lutherans do these customs too, interesting.
  10.  Air condition in the church is such a big luxury. I expected that in a small town, people don’t have everything, but it was BIG mistake ! Here in Evansville they have almost everything -swimming pool , golf areal, lot of parks…

After my three weeks, these are the differences between Slovak Lutheran church and American lutheran church. In Evansville in st. John’s church are the activities more modern. I realized that pastor Matt lead the church in liberal way. I hope, that Slovak Lutheran church will take some customs from America.

PS: Maybe I can help to build the bridge between church and social work, teach how to do church activities more attractive for everyone. So we could have more church members in Slovakia.