This my was final week in the US. I had a chance to visit Kelleys Island, a very quiet and remote place, with my first host family. It was a very pleasant day, we cycled around the island, saw some Canadian islands and just had good time.
The following day, I returned to the very same region, to have a picnic at Port Clinton.
These easy days got me ready for the grand finale, my last Sunday. I kicked if off very early, the guláš fire was blazing shortly after 6am. By the beginning of the service, our traditional dish was almost ready. The service itself was very special for me, for we threw a little praise band together, and led the worship. I also had the last chance to preach, sing the Lord’s prayer in Slovak, and of course to thank the congregation for everything they’d done for me in the past three months. After the service, we could finally enjoy the guláš. It was perhaps a bit spicier than intended, but nevertheless, we just devoured all of it. I was very impressed how many people showed up and came to say goodbye to me. I got some very nice cards with very powerful messages. I have to admit, it was quite hard for me to hold it together when saying farewell to this beloved church. I really became a part of the family just after a few days. But always, where something ends, something else begins. We are all supposed to bloom where planted, and my time to bloom in the US is slowly coming to an end, to be continued somewhere else.
When I look behind, I see a lot of smiles, or just beautiful moments full of God’s love. I watched, and enjoyed His mission among the others, whether it was singing with the kids, leading spiritual discussions, preaching, or just chatting with some of the members. I hope I could bring a little piece of blessing, love, or even Slovakia here, and even when I return, a part of my heart will certainly stay here, in Cleveland.