My week started with celebrating Labor Day in Columbus. After returning back, I started to realize how fast has everything been going and that I have only 2 weeks left. I also moved to my last host family, the Caraffis.
I visited the Cleveland aquarium and natural museum on Wednesday, and wrapped up the day by a cruise on the lake. It was very nice to watch the beautiful sunset and night lights of downtown.
On Thursday, I had a dinner with Michnay family, and had a chance to met one of the former pastors that taught at my college.
I finally visited the first family restaurant in Cleveland, the Sokolawskii’s. No wonder it’s Polish. I really felt stuffed after leaving that place.
My week ended by the church picnic, eating živánska and cabbage noodles. My final days are now awaiting, with some trips, guľáš, and my final sermon ahead.