Last week was very different from any other week I had here. It was not about writing sermons, nor about having Slovak classes or being aroundnpeople from our congregation. Last week we went to Slovak Zion Synod Asssemble that took place on a Cruise. It was very special week not only because of the fancy environment but also because of the new people that I met and because of things I learnt from the bishop and all the pastors. 

Our week started of in Florida, from where we took off. When I saw this huge ship, I was little nervous but excited at the same time. The first day we spent on the sea, travelling to our first stop, which was Half Moon Cay. It is a small island in the Bahamas. Even though the weather was not perfect, I enjoyed walking around and swimming in beutiful and pure sea. Our second stop was Grand Turk. I took a driving excursion around the island, I saw how the people live, I saw many interesting poaces. We were supposed to go and see Dominican Republic for our third stop, but the weather did not allow us to do so. We spent the day on the sea having meetings. The next day, we enjoyed seeing Nassau- capital city of Bahamas. 

Even though it sounds like doing only touritsy things, I learnt the most important things during the days on the sea. I learnt how Slovak Zion Synod works, I learnt about other pastors and their ministry. This cruise gave me different point of few on things I have been thinking about. I am very thankful for this opportunity and I am thankful for learning more about our bishops and all the pastors.