If you’re a Voting Member of the 2018 Assembly of the Slovak Zion Synod, then you probably remember reading that many of the Assembly Reports and Resources will be digitally distributed on an Assembly app.

The app is now open to registered voting members. If you haven’t downloaded the app already, you may do so by clicking the links, available here for iOS and available here for Android. Those receiving loaner iPads at the assembly will find the app downloaded to the device, but may also wish to download it to their smartphones.

Once downloaded, you may open the app and create a user account to access its contents. You must do so using the same email address you used to register for this assembly. Only those email addresses registered with us as Voting Members will be able to create an account and have access to the app contents. (Visitors can access ship information and others through the free Carnival Hub app.)

If you’d like to learn more about the assembly app and the available WiFi packages, or you’re having trouble falling asleep, we encourage you to read our previous article detailing the features of the apps and WiFi packages, found by clicking here.

The contents of this voting member app, including any assembly reports, will be copy-protected from within the app. Screenshots and other forms of facsimile are prohibited by copyright law, and traceable by assembly event staff. If you’d like to receive hardcopies of the assembly reports following the conclusion of the Assembly, we encourage you to file your request with the registration committee on the last day of business and hardcopies will be mailed to you.

As always, if you experience any difficulties, or have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Registration Committee.