Travel Reimbursement Policy

It is required that anyone intending to file for travel reimbursement with the Synod have their travel plans approved by a member of the Registration Committee in advance of making such arrangements. If you do not have your travel approved prior to the Assembly, you will be disqualified from receiving reimbursement. To have the registration committee pre-approve your travel plans, you will need to submit a simple form on SZS Event Registration.

The form for submitting your travel information is on the dashboard of your user account in SZS Event Registration once you complete your registration. Your good will and participation in this regard reduces the overall travel cost for voting members, which in turn helps us keep our registration cost per person for everyone as low as it is. At the end of the registration process, don’t forget to submit your signature, agreeing to these terms.

For the 2019 Synod Assembly: Please remember that travel arrangements must be booked independently. The reimbursement for travel this year will be in the form of a flat allowance, following the standard practice of the majority of ELCA Synods. Therefore, once the Registration Office has received your registrations, you may book your travel at your discretion. The Registration Committee may be contacted for information on when it is best to book airfares so as to attain the cheapest fares possible. All flights must arrive in Ft. Lauderdale by 1:30PM on day of embarkation, and will leave after 11AM on day of return. The travel allowance that will be reimbursed to Voting Members this year is $200. While airfares can be booked for this amount, individuals are free to travel according to the means of their desire, as the $200 allowance will cover the base and any expense in excess of this amount will be considered a personal expense at your own discretion. Ground transportation to the ship from your airport of arrival can be reserved from Carnival Cruise Lines, and will be reimbursed to voting members.

Also, all Voting Members of this Assembly are required to be in attendance during each plenary session. Synod Policy requires travel reimbursement be withheld from those who have not attended each session (with the exception of reported and excused absences, such as illness). In fairness to all, voting member attendance is taken by the registration committee at the beginning of each session for the duration of the event.